We Did

We Did

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SRC Meeting December 21!

Important SRC Meeting 
Wednesday, December 21
2:00 pm!

We need to make our presence known! 
Please attend, if you can! 
Wear your SOS t-shirt! 
Support our speakers, including students performing Shakespeare!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

SRC Meeting Friday, December 16

We need YOU! There is an SRC meeting at 440 N. Broad Street on December 16 at 2:00 pm. Please make your presence known by wearing your Support Stanton shirt! Don't have one? You can purchase one there, or wear yellow or gold!

If you can't get there at 2:00 pm, don't worry. The meeting will go on for awhile, so please get there when you can! We have several speakers supporting Stanton who are scheduled to speak!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cultural Arts at E.M. Stanton: It makes a difference!

Part 1:


Part 2:


Singing City choir-students compose the lyrics and then present as a finished song!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Letter Writing campaign! We need you!

Don't forget about the letter writing campaign this Saturday, November 12th, at Marian Anderson Rec Center! We'll be there from 10am to 12pm, and need YOU!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Media Coverage


  • channel 3 (CBS Philadelphia)
  1. November 3  Parents voice concern over school closing plan
  • channel 6 (ABC Philadelphia)
  1. November 3  Phila.parents vow to fight school closure
  • channel 10 (NBC Philadelphia)
  • channel 17
  • channel 29 (FOX Philadelphia)


  • The Philadelphia Inquirer 
  1. November 4  School on Philadelphia closing list putting up a fight 
  2. November 13  Closing Philly schools: How many empty seats? 
  3. February 16    Residents plead with SRC to keep neighborhood schools open
  4. March 3         School advocates plead to keep schools open
  5. March 4          School advocates make last stand before the SRC
  • The Philadelphia Daily News 
  1. November 3  Stanton Elementary fights again
  2. November 28 Editorial: Schools Out: Districts plans should reach public
  • The Philadelphia Tribune
  1. November 3  School closings frustrate students, worry parents 
  2. November 7  Backers put on drive to save Stanton Elementary
  3. December 14  Parents rally against E.M. Stanton closing
  • South Philly Review
  1.  November 10  Stanton School final days?
  2.  Jan. 16, 2003 (related content on site-archived article) Standing by Stanton
  • Metro
  • City Paper
  1. November 2  Parents mobilize against proposed school closing
  2. December 12  Stanton School fights closure

    • The Public School Notebook
    1. November 2  District recommends just 9 schools be closed
    2. November 3  Map of proposed facilities changes
    3. November 4  Political leaders react to abridged plan for school closings
    4. November 18  Discussion Forum for E.M. Stanton
    5. November 24  Go slow on closings 
    6. December 12  For Stanton supporters, a genuine hearing
    7. December 22  SRC: Serious about transparency  
    8. January 19     South region facilities meeting again brings out Stanton supporters
    9. February 2     Supporters of Stanton refining counter-proposal 
    10. February 3     School closings timeline a sticky issue 
    11. February 16   Supporters of Stanton release counter-proposal 
    12. March 1         Stanton supporter's reflections on community organizing  (Go Gerri!)
    13. March 3         A full day of testimony on school closings
    14. March 6        E.M. Stanton and the Future of Public Schools 
    • iradiophilly
    1. November 4 Philadelphia school scheduled to close is fighting back
    • planPhilly
    1. November 3  Facilities plan will shed 14, 000 "empty seats"
    • whyy newsworks
    1. November 2   District recommends just 9 schools be closed
    • A Good Day Teaching
    1. November 15  The Myth of the 70,000 empty seats


        Welcome to the Support E.M. Stanton School blog! As we go through the journey, again, of fighting to keep E.M. Stanton open, I'll keep you updated on the media coverage, as well as the progress we're making in the fight to keep our fantastic school open!