We Did

We Did

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Call for community members and parents!

On April 12th, the Greater Center City Neighborhood Schools Coalition is partnering with Education Voters and other Philadelphia parents, students and community members to hold a mock bake sale to protest insufficient funding for public schools.  The message we are sending is that we can't possibly sell enough cookies to cover the budget gaps caused by systemic underfunding of public schools.  Elected officials at all levels need to come up with the necessary resources to provide an opportunity to learn for every student!

This event will be held at City Hall.  At 2pm, there will be a cookie delivery to members of City Council.  Then at 4pm there will be a rally and cookie event outside, with parents and students.

Please join us for this event!  Parent groups from across the city will be meeting for either one or both of the events to show our strength and our voices.  This is part of a statewide effort to create these types of events throughout the Commonwealth during the week of April 9th

When:  April 12th, 2 pm and/or 4 pm.
Where:  City Hall, meet of the sidewalk on the North side (at N. Broad Street)
What you can do:  Plan to attend and bring a friend and bring a few baggies with cookies for distribution too.

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